Nutri-Kit: the nutrition education toolkit that promotes sustainable health choices to transform lives.

Informed by the latest published scientific materials and the workings of The National Food Strategy, The Broken Plate Report, and the globally applicable Sustainable Development Goals the NAT is developing a portfolio of primary school resources that are being piloted in Nottingham during the Autumn Term '23 and Bournemouth during the Spring Term '23.

Core to the Nutri-Kit learning materials is enjoyment through curiosity, exploration, and adventure. Children cannot fail to engage with the materials created as pupil voice has supported the development of these resources.

Acknowledging the wide range of proven learning formats, the resources include interactive learning platforms designed to offer face to face in-school taught lessons. The learning materials are supported by peer reviewed research evidence and recommendations from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines. They meet specific objectives described in current Science, Physical Education, Design Technology, Relationship Health and Sex Education, alongside sustainability education that considers both people and planet.

Strong concern: Diet quality can be linked to many common health problems, making our food choices an important detail in how we lead our lives.

Strong response: Food and science is a key component towards both physical and mental health. Nutri-Kit can equip your children with the skills to make discerning food choices and a greater understanding about their body’s response to food, to support them in creating positive life decisions.

Within our toolkit we have provided additional reading material for teaching staff so that their own knowledge and understanding can be enhanced. Accompanying each lesson are clear outline notes linked to each intended learning outcome signposting teachers to optional further reading and resources.

The Nutrition Advisory Team are also speaking with school food suppliers, developers, and catering companies to understand what they believe could further improve the health of primary school children and the school food environment. Working with a variety of stakeholders will ensure Nutri-Kit resources remains relevant and meaningful.