Vision & Values

The underlying value in all that we do is Integrity. We have a principled dedication to do the right thing.

We encourage children to be the best version of themselves and to celebrate being strong and unique individuals. Unitedly, shaping an opportunity to promote a positive, long-term social impact on the well-being of generations to come.

Our educational resources aim to affect the meaningful and positive engagement of children in key developmental aspects:

  • Mind – we consider food for the brain, how it affects mood and function. We consider cognition, metacognition and neurodiversity
  • Body – we consider food tolerance, building muscle, bone and blood health and whether food can reduce the risk of health problems such as heart disease and Type 2 diabetes
  • Behaviour – we consider the impact of nutrient composition, digestion and the absorption of vitamins, protein, fat, carbohydrates, water, and salt on the way we behave, including our own relationship with food, our own bodies and our judgement of others
  • Performance –we consider sports and academic performance and how food and drink choices can impact this
  • Wellgevity – the life we live could be a long life lived WELL. We take the concept of healthy ageing seriously, keeping up to date with the latest knowledge about centenarians across the globe, sharing some of the key learning through our Nutri-Kit resources.
kids eating fruit

An important part of our vision is that a happy relationship with food and the body is encouraged so that choice comes from a place of strength. The learning opportunities are anchored by four key roots:

  • Eat
  • Move
  • Feel
  • Connect

Through these stems a greater understanding of the food systems of the world we live in, the science of ourselves, how food affects and fuels us and how we impact upon people and planet.

kids eating lunch at school